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This site is a tribute - and a resource - for all Ford Taurus SHO fans. I'm taking the absolute best information I can find about the SHO and putting it all here.

Information is taken from various places on the web, and I've also dug deep into the web archives and shown you some of Vadim's original recommendations on taking care of your SHO.

I intend to keep things interesting and useful, centered on popular concerns. And, with your comments and suggestions, I hope you like what you see. Doing this is sure very interesting to me as well...

If you want to contact me about linking to your site, or being listed on the vendors page, or for questions about this website, I can be reached at

Enjoy, and remember - SHO Fear!

Bill G.
1989 SHO Black/Black 260Kmi (original owner)
ClutchMasters Clutch
Koni struts, Eibach springs
SHOShop strut braces front and rear
SHOShop Injectors
K&N cold air induction snorkel
Borbet Type 'H' 16" wheels

The Original SHO Shop!


Boston Homes - because I know the guy that works there and he drives a SHO!

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